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Divorce Monday: Beyond the Hype

Posted by Jason C. Tuchman | Jan 06, 2020 | 0 Comments

Garfield the cat is not the only one who is in a bad mood on Mondays. Plenty of reasonable, happily-married people let the stress of Monday morning get to them. A woman whose husband spent all day Sunday lounging in the backyard while she did household chores and helped the kids with their homework may daydream about divorce during her morning commute. When the man whose wife seems to have forgotten her promise to go back to work when their children entered kindergarten has the audacity to scold her husband about eating doughnuts for breakfast, his thoughts might also gravitate toward divorce during the Monday drive to work. Ordinary Mondays do not represent a major spike in consultations with divorce lawyers. Of the approximately 52 Mondays each year, one of them always seems to hold the record for when divorce cases begin, and that is Divorce Monday. If you want to divorce, you should contact a divorce lawyer now, before the Divorce Monday rush.

The New Year Is a Great Time to Be Single

At least, this is the logic of Divorce Monday, which falls on the first business Monday in January. Depending on what day of the week is January 1, Divorce Monday could be anywhere from January 2 to January 7. On Divorce Monday, more people file divorce petitions and schedule consultations with divorce attorneys than on any other day of the year.

Some of the people who contact divorce lawyers on Divorce Monday do so somewhat impulsively. In other words, they realized over the holidays that they could not stand being married to their spouse anymore. They couldn't bear the idea that next year they would have to attend more holiday dinners with their judgmental in-laws, receive non-existent or poorly chosen Christmas gifts, and deal with a grumpy, hungover spouse on New Year's Day. Therefore, they decided to initiate the divorce process while the anger and the feeling of “I've had enough” were fresh.

Another contingent of the Divorce Monday crowd consists of people who have been counting down the days for a substantial portion of the previous year. They had their sights set on Divorce Monday for months leading up to it. Some of these couples discussed their plans to take action on Divorce Monday together. They decided, for one or another reason, to finish out the year together. Perhaps they wanted to give their children one more holiday season with the family together, before the disruption of a divorce. Maybe they wanted to give themselves until the end of the year to decide whether they wanted to stay together or divorce. Some of them also chose divorce Monday because it is simpler, from an accounting perspective, when a couple does not separate in the middle of the year.

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