Practice Areas

Kelly, Kelly, Marotta & Tuchman is experienced in all areas of the law, including:

General Practice Matters
We are experienced in a wide array of issues and problems commonly met in the conduct of business or personal living in our complex society.

Civil and General Equity Litigation
We are experienced trial attorneys in all areas of civil and general equity litigation, as well as arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution. Our clients have included small and medium sized companies, their shareholders and employees, as well as individuals suffering injuries due to the negligence of others. We also routinely serve as local counsel for clients and law firms based outside the area.

Family Law Litigation and Mediation
Family Law is a major area of practice, for our firm. We offer our clients representation in all aspects of contested (trials) and uncontested divorce litigation. Issues of equitable distribution of assets and property, alimony, child support, child custody and visitation, and domestic violence matters are all handled by our experienced and concerned attorneys.

We also prepare pre-marital agreements, separation agreements and property settlement agreements.

Mediation of divorce cases is a primary practice area for our firm. We offer private Mediation of matters which allow divorcing couples to resolve their disputes in a cost and time efficient manner. Our firm is regularly appointed by the Family-Part Judges of the Superior Court of the State of New Jersey to act in the role of Mediator in the Court’s Economic Mediation Program for divorce cases in pending litigation.

Zoning and Land Use
We are the attorneys for many high profile land use and development applications throughout the area. Our clients include both large and small developers, engineers and architects. We are also well versed in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions, including purchase, sale, redevelopment and eminent domain (condemnation) proceedings. We also handle Tax Appeals both on behalf of residential and commercial property owners challenging their tax assessments.

Corporate, Commercial and Business
Kelly, Kelly, Marotta & Tuchman LLC represents businesses ranging from major multinational corporations to professional partnerships to sole proprietors and individuals, in a wide range of corporate and commercial matters. From creation of the entity to counseling, we fill the role of general counsel to numerous businesses not large enough for a full time law department.

Probate, Estate and Tax Planning and Elder Law
The firm provides clients with all levels of estate, probate and tax planning from the creation of simple wills through complex estate and tax planning, including the creation of Living Wills and Powers of Attorney. The firm’s attorneys are experienced in the use of tax planning strategies and know how to use these strategies to transfer wealth from one generation to the next. We keep abreast of changes in this complex area of law and are well versed in the use of trusts, family limited partnerships and other estate planning tools.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate
We have extensive experience in the representation of parties in the purchase, sale and lease of both residential and commercial real estate. From the drafting of the initial contract documents through closing of title, the firm is actively involved in all phases of the transaction. Kelly, Kelly, Marotta & Tuchman LLC can also counsel clients on the tax implications of certain real estate transactions, including structuring transactions as part of Section 1031 exchanges.

Employment Law
Kelly, Kelly, Marotta & Tuchman LLC has represented both employers and employees with regard to claims of wrongful termination and other employment related claims. The firm has negotiated both employment agreements and separation agreements on behalf of companies and individuals. The firm has litigated employment related matters to conclusion.

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